by Lions

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I don't know what's going on, and I don't quite know where I am. Nowhere in Nashville, but you're here with time to kill. Headlights, you were miles away. Stop signs, you were counting the days with road lines. You were singing my name. I always knew you'd move away and cut our connection. It shouldn't hurt that you had to leave to find your direction, but this hurts so bad. Always remember that nice girls die slow. We act as track marks that landscape our maps. We'll use magnifying glass to inspect all the pieces that spread through the scenery. It's easy to forget then relive all that we did. I can't make you stay. Where does that leave me anyway?
Please forget what you saw, and don't remember my name. Please forgive what I've done. This was more of the same. She's got most of the movements, and her mouth is all that she needs. What will we name our monster? So, tell me when all of the lights dim. So, how have you been my phantom limb? She's got most of the movements while they dance according to us. Her mouth is all that she needs, and her lips were all that I wanted. I'm cutting off the parts that remind me of you. This will make sense in the end, so why aren't you listening? What have I done to my body?
We are singing with lions. I live with people who don't care. Mother and father where is our pride now? Just like father, just like mother, holding us so nice together. Character assassination. Her heart is a hive and I know if I was older I'd matter. I'll make sure not to breathe hard for I know that our house will crumble. This time I'll stand on my backbone and make this safe for our family. It's hard to stay still when you're laying next to me. It's hard to believe when you can't even sleep. Stay awake. As the son of a son I already know that you are gone. As the son of a son I already know that I lost you.
False light in hope of change, inside out with subtle grey. Dullness replaces doubt. I'll still never know the truth. I want to wreck the routine between repetition and what really matters. I'm uncomfortable with tired traditions so let's ruin all our unfinished patterns. This seems different, even at times strange, but it's a shame that we all live our lives the exact same. Under the right light see tiny details that we choose not to learn from. I'm slowly drifting without progress. I'm empty as new becomes old now. Young men dream, raise the sails and just head for shore again. Dead man, can you repeat all of your last words? Constantly history builds itself on hollow ground, and I can see the static settling over me.
I was nine at the time I fell in love. It was enough for me. I'll tell you when this fell apart. I was ten so young at heart. We're two kids who grew up too fast. Recess on the playground, lost love merry go round. Can you feel it in our bones, our young terrible bones? I never want to grow up. Holding our hands tightly singing. I'm all alone and soon fully grown. I'm all alone inside our home. It's what this holds the future told. I'm not strong but I'm not weak but I still don't know what to think with every 'x' on the calendar I wonder if I'll see her. Our life is book neatly on the shelf in memory and good health. With pictures and photos I know we will live forever.
Numbers, they always meant more than mistaken math. Now that I'm older I can tell the difference. Wrapped in ink and paper. Can you find a way out? I promise to remember all of the words that you said to me. Word for word and I'm listening. It seems like your mouth is always breaking. Symbols and figures in your head. We're having a simple conversation. I've studied her in syntax. Counting under her breath. I promise to remember all of the noise that came from your mouth. Word for word and I'm listening. Language and arithmetic are getting in the way of it. It's such a chore to listen for and understand all of the words I hear anymore. Now that we are screaming back and forth I can hear you louder than ever. Now that we are screaming back and forth I can clearly see what your voice is for.
Remember when the streets would maze. Surrounded us with familiar names, holidays, and model trains to guide us. All alone with family now. Not on my own but lost in sound with all that noise that haunts this house. When I grow up with no regrets or failed attempts at innocence I'll pledge allegiance to myself. Welcome home to broken beds and shattered stairs and loneliness. Why am I still here? Welcome home to all the faces that you're trying to run from. Why am I still here? I can't wait to leave. I wonder what grows past the city. I wonder what makes a ghost town. I care about all of the people, but I'll box all of favorite things.
Do you still hear my voice? Spread across and echoing, whispering through the cold months. I don't know who you are anymore. I can't trust who you are anymore. Dear October, do you remember anything? Dear lost season, this winter memories will dig up everything. Now that it is colder you'll remember like always. The last leaf has fallen off the Autumn tree. I miss you. Now that it is colder you'll remember like always. Let's plant a garden in the middle of our house. Before it disappears into white, frigid air. Fragmented weather holds us together, painfully obvious I'm told. I don't know who you are anymore, but I still know how you feel from day to day. Dear October, do you remember anything? Dear lost season, this winter we'll forgive each other. I'm starting to regret the promises I've made to you. I'm starting to regret falling in love again with you.


released March 30, 2012

Recorded by Brandon Cagle in Oak Ridge, TN at Atomic Audio and mixed and mastered by Pedi Hashemian based out of Knoxville, TN. Thanks to Jake Holt, Brad Huffstetler, Zach Gilleran, Damek Izo, and everyone that helped. Also, thanks to Aaron Gross for the album artwork.


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Lions Knoxville, Tennessee

We're a band from Knoxville, and the same old things over and over get old, so here's something fresh, we hope.

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