by Lions

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At the exact time when I've made up my mind, you'll decide you want to change your zip code for mine. It's never enough to hear your voice through telephone waves. For each passing day, I'm reminded I'm surely going insane. It's never enough to hear your voice in such an apathetic way. I'm constantly remind that this isn't working out. I always help clean up the mess that you make. It's never enough to see your face as it pixelates. safe from a distance to define a lost cause. she's majestic and in disarray, I'm sure she never hears a single word I say. she's majestic and in disarray. I didn't mean to leave but I don't think I should stay. At the exact time when you've made up your mind I decide that I'm leaving us behind.
Is there a place where everything adds up? I and all the other imaginary numbers are splitting into twos, so we can pick and choose which interval or line to call our new lives. I'm dulling by the minute in a calculated finish, and losing myself in it, inside which side I'm better off for choosing. Odd looking shapes, what if I don't belong? Plot the points on a curve until you can tell the difference. Plot the points on a curve so you can solve the problem. I and all the other imaginary numbers are discovering new friends in similar equations. I've abandoned my old patterns to figure out what matters. I'm finally symmetric by breaking my bad habits. Do not waste this.
I've superimposed smiles on pictures of us. Upon seeing the negatives and claimed them as evidence to take a closer look. Posing with the cameras on while focused on the background, and I've found that your intentions are developed through the lenses. Obviously, you were trying to say something. Place your vows before they are imprinted in all our pictures. Let's erase the photographs. They're only distractions. Tongue tied when we're together. My words cement and become anchors, they never seem to make things better and if they did then I'd probably be awake. I can tell that you were speaking quiet whispers while I'm sleeping. My ears allow me to sense the feeling that what you're saying has no meaning. I can tell that you were speaking quiet whispers while I'm sleeping about the moments we've been making then breaking then starting all over again. Was this real or am I dreaming?
(...) I am the unfortunate son. Dance with the embers and ashes in our guest room, my old bedroom. Watch as the light glows and grows under the door frame, beware the bright flames. Favored, young dialogue is lasting too long. Random birth order is smoldering under our house. The structure and the walls have buried all our belongings and I can see the start from when we fell apart. The signals went up through the chimney, don't worry about all the memories. The matches were struck for a reason to burn down the foundation. Now, we just share a last name and salvaged, old picture frames just like you wanted. Our furniture was useless and worthless just like your eldest, at least, that's what I believe and nothing else matters. Slash and burn, and don't stop till the smoke clears.


This is not perfect but it is a group of songs about a very specific time and we are happy to finally be able to put them out.

Recorded Live in 2012 in a tiny room in Oak Ridge, TN.
Mixed by Pedi Hashemian.
Artwork by Aaron Gross/Josiah Smith.

Additional Vocals by Travis Bolton, Bamden Crown, and Jeremy Tisdale.


released March 22, 2013


all rights reserved



Lions Knoxville, Tennessee

We're a band from Knoxville, and the same old things over and over get old, so here's something fresh, we hope.

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